Waltzer Features

Waltzer portable sofa shown with an enclosed layout and colorful design


You can create a multitude of dynamic working environments with Waltzer. The Jewel caster ensures it is smooth in transit, and as stable as fixed Sofa’s when locked down.

Person works from a full accessible Waltzer workstation


Waltzer has been developed to help include everyone in the workplace. If someone is in a wheelchair, the user can sit in it and have Waltzer Screen as a backdrop.

Work colleagues socialize in versatile Waltzer workstation and sofa pod


You can put Waltzer to use for solo work, 1-2-1 meetings, impromptu collaboration, quiet time and much more.

Man walks towards Waltzer workstation with dual locking jewel casters

Jewel caster

Our precision engineered Jewel caster ensures that Walzter is as stable as fixed-frame furniture when locked. Jewel caster prevents the need for linking devices, ensures fluid transit and keeps the top of your footwear clean thanks to the locking pad design.