Xbrick Features

Children have fun in the classroom using Xbricks as stepping stones


The beauty of Xbrick is that it gives people opportunities to easily play with their space.

A team enjoys a meeting outside using Xbrick seating


Xbrick is so light and easy to move around, it is often used outside for group gatherings and impromptu meetings.

Two young children use the Xbrick for play


Xbrick becomes a play and learning tool for the young. They can move the modules around to make their own space and explore their own ideas.

Talking tactics with an Xbrick Sports


Great to have around gyms and sports areas, Xbrick can also be used as a functional tool for training the body with.

Creating an XBrick stage in the office


Combine the modules to make up a staged seating area. (Image shows 24 Xbricks combined)

Colleagues chat at an XBrick table


Quickly combine Xbricks with the table top to make a secure table, and use the spare Xbricks as seats.

"Xbrick is a multifunctional module, suitable for indoor and outdoor use."