Flomo Features


At 13 lbs, Flomo is easy to transport for almost everyone. You can attach a strap to it to carry on your shoulder and then use the same strap to attach it to a tree.


Flomo is employable just about anywhere thoughts flow. Outdoor collaborative environments need not sacrifice any of the tools that are usually limited to the indoors.

Flomo Caddy

The Caddy is for moving a bunch of Flomo boards at the same time. Provides transport and storage of up to 10 flomo boards or 8 flomo boards and 1 flomo easel.

Flomo Easel

Ideal for those who like to stand and scribble. Has storage space for markers and sponge, is foldable and can also be moved on the Flomo Caddy.

"It's so light and works in every space we use it."