Juice Tree® Features

No wires

Features a removable Qpac battery which negates the need for dangerous loose power cables. So, no more running extension cables across floors from the wall or scrambling on the floor connecting to floor boxes.


Juice Tree® can be smoothly rolled into place and when the casters are locked it is as sturdy as a fixed piece of furniture.

Works with Kite®

Designed specifically to work with Kite® tables and sits neatly in the center of the group.


Easily access the power sockets with a USB and USB-C port per face.

Charges multiple devices at once

All your devices powered at the correct voltage.

Easy to replace batteries

Qpac easily slots in and out of Juice Tree®


Available in a variety of colors


Wheel away and nest with Kite® tables

"Works perfectly with Kite tables and then as an individual, visible power outlet"