Kite® Features


All shapes nest into each other without any requirement for heavy trolleys. Tables can be neatly stored away or put to one side of the room should you need to use one at any given time.


The narrow transit profile fits easily through doors and around tight corners. The quality of the caster ensures that all Kite tables travel and manoeuvre with ease across any typical floor surface.

Woman unfolds Kite table


One person can easily and safely fold a table in seconds without any heavy lifting. When assembled the frame locks back into place with two short turns of a locking handle on the front rail.


The unique four-sided, perimeter supported under-frame provides essential safety, rigidity and durability. All corners are further supported by a 2″ diameter leg which makes Kite an exceptionally robust table that is capable of bearing beyond 660 pounds in weight.


You can create a wide variety of layouts using Kite. See the PDF for some examples below.

Kite layouts

Close up of Muzo's dual locking jewel caster feature

Jewel caster

Our precision engineered Jewel caster ensures that the table is as stable as fixed-frame furniture when locked. Jewel caster prevents the need for linking devices, ensures fluid transit and keeps the top of your footwear clean thanks to the locking pad design.

Cableless Power

Qpac slots onto the table leg. Now Kite can be taken anywhere without the concern for sockets or trailing wires. Can also be retrofit to existing projects.

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Collaborative Power

Juice Tree® is a wireless power tower designed to work with Kite tables and provides 4 USB ports and 4 USB-C ports.

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"Kite is a truly outstanding table system. It always meets our needs."