Versatilis Features


Versatilis is available in 41″, 36″, 29″, 27″, 25″ and 15″ heights.


A vast amount of standard shapes are available to suit any activity and utilize any non-standard room sizes and wall angles. We can also create custom shapes based on themes or creative projects.


Choose from a variety of tops such as butcher block, veneered, solid wood tops, thicker laminates, Lino-covered tops, and even metal tops.

Colored legs

We have our own in-house powder coating facility and proudly partnered with Sherwin-Williams to provide sustainable color choices.


The unique, perimeter supported underframe provides essential safety, rigidity and durability. All corners are further supported by a 50mm diameter leg which makes Versatilis an exceptionally robust table that is capable of bearing beyond 300kg in weight.

Media tables

You can add on a TV that is wirelessly powered to create a unique Versatilis mobile media table.


Versatilis can cover all classroom table needs with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and heights on offer.


The Versatilis table system allows one product line to be used across different spaces. The customization means you can design what feels like a separate product line.

Standing cable free power

Use Qpac to wirelessly power Versatilis group table settings.

Powered floor learning

Use Qpac to bring wireless power to Versatilis floor settings.

"The table system we've been waiting for"