Shape up your Space

Muzo table range can help you transform learning environments into flexible, renewing and enriching spaces.

Shape up your Space (PDF)

Five heights

Versatilis is available in 41″, 36″, 29″, 27″ and 25″ heights.

Recessed Power

Recessed power options available, please inquire for pricing.

Special surfaces

Experiment with different table surfaces such as butcher-block, laminate, recycled timber, chemical resistant tops and urethane edged laminate.

One product line

You can create your own collection of tables with one product line using butcher-block, laminate, recycled timber, chemical resistant and writable tops.

Upright design

Tall Versatilis encourages people to get up from their workstation and spend time working in an upright position. They work great for spontaneous meetings and collaborative spaces.

Foot option

The Muzo frame and leg system allows for our Jewel Caster to be replaced by a foot or vice versa a foot can be replaced by a caster. The table height remains the same no matter which option is in use.