Almost every space requires the ability to power technology. For years and to this day we still depend on sockets on walls, floors, and extension cables. Unsightly plastic ports and trunks are integrated into beautiful wooden tops only to house several cables often tangled up with one another. Wireless power is a cost effective, environmentally friendly advancement to future-proof any space so that it can be re-purposed without restrictions.

The products


Packs 200Wh of charging time into a portable power pack that can be taken anywhere. To translate that into the run time, you’ll get an additional 20 hours from your laptop, 50 hours from your tablet and 200 hours from your cell phone.

Juice Bot

A fun way to power any space. 5 x Twin USB-C/USB-A Charging ports located in hands, eyes & tummy.

Juice Tree®

Features a removable Qpac battery which negates the need for dangerous loose power cables. So, no more running extension cables across floors from the wall or scrambling on the floor connecting to floor boxes. This is a self contained, mobile, safe charging unit.


A mobile unit that allows you to charge up to 12 Qpacs at once. Simply click the Qpacs into place, connect the station to a mains power outlet and the recharge process begins. It’s especially handy at the end of the day to collect a bunch of Qpacs and leave them on an overnight charge.


A simple clip that is easily attached to the Kite or Versatilis table leg and allows Qpac to be easily slotted on. Can also be retrofit to existing tables.


When a Qpac is depleted, it can be recharged with the Q-dock. This user-friendly, table top charger unit is designed to charge up to three Qpac units at one time. If you expand use of the Qpac system, multiple charger bases can be connected together and all powered from a single NEMA plug.

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