Alfresco Bench

Ultra strong and durable, Alfresco Bench is a must for exposed terraces that face extreme weather conditions. With a powder-coated long life aluminum surface and contrasting brushed stainless steel frame, our sculptural Alfresco Bench is an all-rounder statement piece that seats 8 or 10 comfortably – with cantilevered ends for wheelchair access. Alfresco Bench is available in a specially selected color or any RAL color from the Classic range.

Designed by Jennifer Newman.

Stainless steel frame

Heavy weight keeps it on the ground


8 seater: 79″w x 57″d x 29.5″h
10 seater: 94.5″w x 57″d x 29.5″h


  • Non-rust
  • Robust
  • Metal or wood surface
  • Suitable for indoor | outdoor
  • Table hang for wheelchair access

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