Edge was conceived as a bold sculptural piece for both inside and outside spaces. Found in some of the best locations the chunky aluminum base and powder-coated aluminium tabletop make this table ready for all weather conditions with no maintenance needed. With the choice of a specially selected color or any other color from the RAL Classic range, Edge can coordinate with all schemes of any style.

Designed by Jennifer Newman.

Withstands the challenges of outside

Edge can be color coordinated


6 seater table: 29.5″ x 63″ x 27.5″
8 seater table: 29.5″ x 79″ x 27.5″
3 seater bench: 18″ x 63″ x 14″
4 seater bench: 18″ x 79″ x 14″


  • Non-rust
  • Robust
  • Multi-use
  • Suitable for indoor | outdoor
  • Table hang for wheelchair access

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