Stash cabinet

Easily specify unique Stash cabinets combining shallow and deep drawers and choose from our range of color finishes.

Stash Cubby

A beautiful, modular mobile cubby that combines with our Stashbox to create a beautiful and functional storage tool.


Transporting stationery and documents from storage to learning space has never been easier. Just like the trays and cubbies, Stashbox is available in a range of vibrant colors.

Customized Stash

Combine shelves with colorful or transparent trays, and choose a top surface to match.

Stash Seat

Our low range of Stash units have a seat option so you can roll it around and sit on it wherever you need.

Stash dry-erase

Perfect for encouraging social interaction, team working and out of the box thinking. Our writable surfaces are available with a specially developed cleaning fluid that leaves tops ghost free.