Stash Features

Stash cabinet

Easily specify unique Stash cabinets combining shallow and deep drawers to suit your needs.

Stash Cubby

A beautiful, modular mobile cubby that combines with Stashbox and lockable doors to create a functional and secure storage unit.


Our all-terrain caster ensures movement on all surfaces and the double locking mechanism ensures that when the brakes are engaged, Stash acts like a fixed piece of furniture.

Tilt-tray feature

When pulled out the trays have a tilt feature to help with visibility of items.

Unmatched tray strength

The trays are extremely strong and durable. Brittle and easily cracking trays are no longer a problem.

Stash unit with shelves and drawers

Customized Stash

Combine shelves with colorful or transparent trays, and choose a top surface to match.

Close up of the Stash unit's writable surface

Stash dry-erase

Perfect for encouraging social interaction, team working and out of the box thinking. Our writable surfaces are available with a specially developed cleaning fluid that leaves tops ghost free.

Stashbox storage tool box in blue


Transporting stationery and documents from storage to learning space has never been easier. Just like the trays and cubbies, Stashbox is available in a range of vibrant colors.