Innov-8 Features


With a load bearing weight of up to 600lbs, Innov-8 works perfect as a makerspace/construction workstation and storage cart.

Arts + crafts

The rear storage allows for paper rolls, large canvases and art boards to be carted around easily alongside stationery materials that are neatly organized in the trays.


All supplies/ materials for each lesson can be neatly organized so they are visible and accessible.

Storage space

INNOV-8 includes a front shelf storage space, side rear storage space and top storage space allowing any and all items big or small to be loaded up and transported throughout a school.


Vertical storage available with the Innov-8 accessories. (can be swapped for PET fabric or magnetic panels)


The crystal clear trays have glass-like transparency making it easy to see the items inside.

Glide & tilt

The glide and tilt feature allows for easier visibility of contents and the safety feature prevents the trays from falling out.

Magnetic writable panels

Attach artwork to the panel or simply write on it. (can be swapped for PET fabric or a pegboard panel)