Our design philosophy is that the caster should never be an afterthought. In fact the caster should be the center of attention as its performance will dictate the success or failure of any portable furniture design.



No rotation is possible when the dual locking brake is engaged so Kite tables are always as stable as fixed furniture. The 2" of levelling copes with any uneven floors and further stability is ensured on all floor surfaces thanks to the all terrain anti-shock wheels.


To prevent damage to the top of your footwear, you can lock and unlock from the top of the caster by simply applying pressure.


They key, unique design feature behind the Kite caster is the axis-point locking system, which locks both the wheel rotation and the axis rotation enabling mobile furniture to behave like fixed furniture. Competing tables wobble due to axis rotation.


Muzo casters work seamlessly on all terrain and come with a lifetime warranty. Quality casters increases longevity of the product and prevents needless landfill and waste.

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"The Muzo caster works like no other caster, and the lifetime warranty is a testament to the strength of it."