From humble beginnings to business opportunities in 41 countries, Muzo has come a long way –  and the CAN BE Innovation Center plays a significant part in that. We originally chose Hazleton for our U.S. operations because of dynamic, community-driven organizations like CAN BE and CAN DO. Today, Muzo boasts a state of the art production facility that rivals any facility of its kind in the world. We were proud to furnish the CAN BE Center, supporting innovative businesses of all sizes.

The business incubator

The CAN BE center is a ‘business incubator’ facility to nurture fledgling local businesses. Founded in 2004, the center features office and manufacturing space for both start-ups and post-revenue businesses, who are looking to scale or benefit from enterprise accelerator programs.

Muzo’s contribution to the CAN BE Innovation Center

In the first rebranding since 2004, the CAN BE center underwent a major aesthetic modification in 2020, with Muzo as its furniture supplier. Jocelyn Sterenchock, Director of Economic Development at CANDO, said: “We needed a modern forward thinking furniture manufacturer and we immediately thought of Muzo. We had cultivated a business relationship with them and wanted to use a local manufacturer with a great sustainability story.”

Collaborative planning

Muzo set to work designing the layout and choosing the right options for this 14,000 sq ft space. We paired up with CAN DO’s chosen interior designer firm, Deb Stone Interiors, to scope out each room. Jocelyn says: “Our design firm had the opportunity to try out everything, to sit on the furniture and make the space speak to the aesthetic we wanted to create.

“We also worked with Muzo’s “speaking wall space” designer, Nathan McGrory, on the amazing PXL framed visual magnetic display. He was immediately flexible and in tune with our brand requirements, which really helped. His renders showed exactly what the eventual graphics would look like.”

With the furniture ideas in place, CAN DO called upon the talents of Muzo’s CET Designer, Erika Rusboldt, who helped the team to visualize how many items they would need for each space, for example in the conference room and kitchenette.

“Erika was helpful beyond measure,” says Jocelyn. “The vision for the Innovation Center was to create a welcoming and inspiring facility that got founders and entrepreneurs excited to walk around the building. We created warm and innovative common areas throughout the facility so that tenants could walk freely throughout and plug in wherever creativity and productivity strike them.”

The result

Feedback on the rebrand has been overwhelming, with new furniture developments in the conference room, kitchenette, lobby, and individual workrooms. “Our conference room used to seat 10 people maximum. Thanks to the movable Kite tables, we have space for brainstorming, strategic planning, and pitching. We can now host 30 people at once,” adds Jocelyn.

Likewise, she notes the versatility of the Flow whiteboard, which is ideal for both quieter reflection and presentations. Even the Nook lounge seating is causing a stir. “People can’t believe how comfortable such a sturdy-looking chair is. As soon as they sit down, they’re met with this cushioned effect. Plus, it’s all made from recyclable material!”

The jewel in the crown for Jocelyn, however, is the final PXL Wall Display– a 12×12 setup of magnetic signage which adds an instant pop of color to a muted conference room. “As soon as people walk in, they say ‘wow!’,” she says.

The future

Jocelyn and the whole CAN DO team are thrilled with the end results, and their further ability to build a community that inspires all those who call it home.

“Working with Muzo was an extremely important piece of the puzzle. Their modular furniture is what really brought the space to life. Everything we do embodies that movable, moldable experience. Muzo’s furniture has captured that kinetic movement of people.”

Find out more about the CAN BE Innovation Center here.


Conference Room:
Kite® tables
Switch seating
PXL magnetic signage

Nook lounge seating
Daywalker tables
PXL magnetic signage

Versatilis tables
Switch seating
LJ1 seating
Flow mobile whiteboard

Versatilis tables
LJ3 stools