The power of color

Transform a plain, dull classroom into a bright and exciting place, capable of holding children’s attention. Use colorful dry wipe table tops to enhance learning and influence mood. The use of vibrant colors along with the ability to doodle and scribble encourages happiness.

The art of the scribble

We learn to doodle and scribble long before we can read and write! It’s a natural expression that allows us the freedom to be creative as we think, learn and react to a challenge. We say the bigger the scribble the better!

Mix and match

Use a mixture of colors alongside the many configurations our tables have to offer to create learning spaces to suit each day.


Our writable tops are available with all Kite, Versatilis, Mini Mobile and Wave tables. Standard colors are:
White, Folkstone Grey, Sol Yellow, Leaf Green, Spectrum Blue and Clementine Orange.