The 2020 pandemic has triggered learning space challenges for educators. With our trusted products and methods, we can show you how to overcome these challenges in the face of uncertainty.

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As potential needs change, the ability to easily reconfigure is critical. All our products work together to make reconfiguring your space as easy as 1,2,3.


We are trusted global suppliers of mobile, folding table systems, and in these times of uncertainty, our mobile products provide schools with the much needed ability to easily move furniture when required.


Where physical distancing is a challenge, retrofitting classrooms involves using screens, acoustic panels, sneeze guards, partitions or other barriers to create division. Schools can reposition, store or remove these as safety concerns change.


We have a range of products and finishes that work both inside and outside, which creates options for learning and further strengthening the schools offering.

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Muzo products empower schools to respond to rapid and unpredictable changes. Our forward-thinking solutions will protect you today and long into the future.