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The marriage of art and the workplace.

Andrew Buttle Muzo

Andrew Thursday 28th January 2016

All art begins with a vision. A vision can’t be seen or touched; it is just there. For this artistic vision to become a shareable experience, it must be represented in some tangible form. We see artists do this through sculpture, film, and painting. Artists begin with an unworked block of marble, a fresh strip of film, or a blank canvas – a physical means to present their vision upon. This blank canvas is a beautiful expression of all the possibilities that could be. Here at Muzo, we view an empty space as the blank canvas and our line of moveable and modular furniture as the paintbrush to enable each artist to realize their vision of the perfect space.

Our products offer each person the ability to effortlessly configure their space exactly how they envision it to be. Every piece of seating, every table, and every shelf is built to allow complete freedom for design and redesign. The versatility of our products’ designs allows every space to operate as an empty canvas for designers, engineers, and artists alike. Gone are the times of immutable workspaces that hinder creativity and innovation. As painters find inspiration by moving their canvas to new places, flexible spaces allow offices to evolve in new ways to promote creativity and innovation. Each configuration of our furniture can encourage different interactions and boost productivity in new ways.

As our seating and tables offer new ways to configure each space’s setting, our shelving offers new ways to display creativity and spark inspiration. Each shelf acts as a separate piece of a larger whole – a lone canvas that will become part of an artistic collection. With modular functionality that allows each shelf to be rearranged and re-imaged, as your space evolves, so can the shelving.


Enhancing a space structurally will give it the functionality it needs – the penciled outline of a masterful painting. Muzo doesn’t stop here. Our products also allow spaces to be enhanced beyond functionality – the paint to bring life to the colorless canvas. Our Riveli Shelving System enables a user to bring life to their space with the ability to display artwork in an endless number of ways. The shelving system itself acts as an art piece with magnetic panels used to display custom graphics. The shelves can live, breathe and evolve with your space and bring new feelings and new inspiration with each arrangement.


As artists only use the best paints and the strongest brushes, Muzo only uses the highest quality materials for each product to ensure durability and design precision. We also recognize the beauty of our world that helps inspire creativity and innovation, which is why we are committed to following responsible environmental practices. We promote the use of recyclable and renewable materials in our products to stay green and keep our planet healthy.

Artists continue to find new and innovative ways to configure their environment to boost their creativity. Our products were created to help everyone achieve freedom and flexibility in their environment’s design. We will help you realize your vision – starting from a blank canvas.

by Mark Kinsley – Designer