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Why the workspace needs visible power

Andrew Buttle Muzo

Andrew Wednesday 27th January 2016

We all carry around several gadgets that we now rely upon in order to work. But stress kicks in when your battery dies and yes you have forgotten the back up device. Power never seems to be easily visible and even small delays finding it, increases those stress levels. Fast charging as your dashing for that plane, sitting in a lobby or a break out area between important meetings would be a boon? The MUZO team added Powerball to our range of accessories to help make power visible. Like a floor lamp this unit sits on a weighted base and can simply be picked up and re-positioned where necessary. USB fast charging is standard. Developed as an accessory for our Waltzer Mobile sofas, Soft Kite seating and Kite Tables we believe Powerball adds great benefits to the connected portfolio from MUZO-WORKS.