Waltzer Work®

  • Potable work stations with visual privacy and acoustic/sound softening.


Waltzer Work was designed for libraries and open plan offices to offer users focus areas, visual privacy and acoustic/sound softening.

Each unit is a self contained, free standing workstation and can be used in isolation or in groups with Waltzer screen or Waltzer seat modules to create instant, ‘in the moment’ Waltzer Dens or Way Of Work pods.

The name Waltzer is associated with the fair ground ride which originates from the word Waltz. (the ballroom dance)

Our Jewel casters provide the technology for Waltzer to glide across any floor surface, yet become totally rigid as the brakes are engaged.

If a fixed option is preferred this is also available.

Options include monitor brackets for LCD screen attachment.

We recommend the Muzo Powerball for instant connectivity.

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