Tip Toe®

  • Tip toe is a beautifully crafted table that must be experienced in order to truly grasp its beauty.

  • Incredibly simple, Tip toe can be used for work tasks, gatherings, events. Whatever you choose, it always makes this modest statement; I look good.


Used as a desk to complete tasks, Tip toe fills you with a sense of space and immensity that can lift your working mindset out of ‘little me’ and rocket you into ‘let’s make it happen’.

Gather around Tiptoe and share ideas, talk, present, argue, eat, laugh… whatever it is you do, Tiptoe can be the spot where ideas are hatched, memories are made and people come together.

The table top is made from solid oak, the base from solid wood, you can select the colour of the base from red, white, yellow and green.


Click below to view the Tip toe worksheet


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