• Peelable magnetic artwork can easily be replaced with fresh artwork, photography and branding.

  • Riveli is a precision-engineered, american-made folding shelving system. As a dynamic 'living' display system, Riveli allows you to create bespoke spaces that can be refreshed with new artwork, or just a new arrangement, again and again...

  • Winner of the Architizer A+ Awards.

  • The Luxe shelf features lush satin architectural-grade finishes on its solid aluminum structure.

  • Riveli can be used as a temporary surface when presenting and teaching.


Featuring custom printed magnetic images that can easily be changed, stored, and re-used – we call it the art shelf…Use your own graphics (artwork, photographs, patterns, corporate branding, etc.) or select from our library. And, since the panels are magnetic, there is no long-term commitment to a single image. Simply peel off the magnetic panels and replace them with a fresh set of graphics. As your space evolves, so does Riveli.

The luxe shelf features lush satin architectural-grade finishes on its solid aluminum structure. While the standard shelf comes in a silky clear satin finish (silver), Riveli shelves are also available in black, and gold anodized finishes. and, the newest to the Riveli shelving line is the copper anodized system, which finishes the aluminum with real copper.

Printed artwork isn’t the only magnetic option – we also offer magnetic chalkboard, whiteboard, and paintable canvas panels. Since up to three layers of magnetic panels can lay on the face of each shelf at a time, you can place a branded graphic printed on the top layer for a conference or board room and transform the space quickly into a corporate war room by pulling off the top layer and having a layer of whiteboard panels beneath.


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