• Interchangeable magnetic visual panels

  • Beautiful design plus easy installation makes PXL the go-to product for wall space design

  • Display Art, Photography, Brand Messages or Way Finder Signage.

  • Create thinking walls with PXL. Interact with your wall space using the chalkboard panels.


PXL was designed in order to give our clients flexibility to display any kind of image via the same visual magnetic technology developed for Riveli. Like Riveli, PIXL is a unique display product that can easily be updated with new magnetic images at anytime. Also, like Riveli shelving, the design is completely modular and very easy to install. A client can customize any size layout by arranging PXL in a multitude of configurations.

We also wanted PXL to be made to the same level of quality as Riveli Shelving. Precision engineered, anodized aluminum extrusions and high-quality magnetic material are used so that the display product itself will look impressive, architectural and enhance the images each PXL unit will display.

There are other display systems on the market, however, many of them come with features that make them difficult to install or remove and re-use. PXL is a display product that can be easily installed on all wall types. Also, like our Riveli shelving system, the design is completely modular and can be removed and reused as wall positions are moved or in the event of a relocation of premises.

PXL1616: 16” x 16” x .625” deep.
PXL916: 9” x 16” x .625” deep.
Please Inquire Re Custom sizes – available with certain minimums and an up-charge.

Anodized aluminum extrusion / Visual Magnetic material.

Clear anodized (standard). Black, Gold, Copper, and other custom anodized colors available with certain minimums and an up-charge.

Size Limitations:
Each PXL unit is completely independent and modular. Install just one, or tile multiple units to fill a whole wall. There are no size limitations.

Each PXL unit is installed independently via 4 wall screws. Simply place the PXL unit on the wall in the desired location, mark off the hole locations, and attach via screws appropriate for the wall type.

Recycle Content:
Frame – 100% Recycled
Visual Magnetics 85% Recycled into Steel production 15% Converted to material for Electricity production.



User PXL creatively to make thinking-rich environments for students and educators.

Things change naturally, and PXL can change just as naturally to help you display messages, information or signs.

Use the whiteboard panels to create a flexible calendar that can change dates to days with each month.

Showcase assets such as walls of fame, awards or your own art.

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