• Powerball features a mix of standard power outlets and TUF twin USB fast-charging outlets so that laptops, cell phones and tablets can all be charged with one unit.

  • Three different sizes ensures Powerball provides various surface heights with a visible power outlet

  • Portable instant plug-in power! Position Powerball wherever you need.


Tall Powerball is designed to provide visible power and USB outlets to tables and can also be used as a presenters friend. The goal of Powerball is to provide a power outlet that is visible and simple to use.

Medium Powerball makes it easy to connect and disconnect to a power outlet when working on soft seating and lounge-style environments.

Short Powerball is a flexible power outlet that can be moved around at ease to ensure you have visible power in any working area.

Powerball options include LED light rings which add a fun aesthetic
and serve a useful function for darker environments.


Click below to view the Powerball worksheet

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