• The patented Kite table shape facilitates multiple configurations. Kite’s flexibility creates an agile working environment where a single person can quickly reconfigure tables into new working styles.

  • Everyone has a defined 30 inch workspace with a straight edge and a clear line of sight to colleagues. With 22.8inch uninterrupted legroom, no one sits astride a table leg, writes over a seam or is squashed into a corner.

  • With a compact nesting profile, tables are easily folded and stored without any heavy lifting or the need of a trolley.



The vast number of configurations that can be achieved with Kite tables enables users to tailor an area in the moment, to suit their needs and to support interactions, for all, during presentations. Personal space of 30″ is achieved no matter which layout you create.

Kite is more than a table system, it is a dynamic, fluid, business tool. You can add tables to expand when needed, rearrange them in seconds whenever called for, efficiently store/nest  them when required and even level tables on uneven floors.

The only caster developed for an agile workplace.

Our precision engineered Jewel caster ensures that the table is as stable as fixed-frame furniture when locked. Jewel caster prevents the need for linking devices, ensures fluid transit and keeps the top of your footwear clean thanks to the locking pad.

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Kite tables can be quickly and easily assembled by one person – no heavy lifting and no need for a trolley. Kite tables are easily folded, moved and nested allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff.

With a dependence on power comes our solutions to organise and control the supply to integrate seamlessly with Kite tables.

Download our cable managment and power options PDF below for detailed information.



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Kite can revolutionize the way we use space. Simple to move, fold and store, Kite is designed to optimize the meeting experience in all environments from the boardroom to the classroom. The Kite shape ensures that each person has their own working space and good line of sight; everyone sits at a straight edge, no one straddles a table leg, writes over a seam or is squashed into a corner.


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