HB two®

  • Bright, light and personal, HB-two caters for the agile worker in an evolving workplace where shared work areas present challenges for personal storage.

  • More than just a personal storage box, it can be used to create personal space too.


Personal storage has not kept pace with technology and new ways of working. Pedestals naturally become cluttered and the average person can take up to 15 minutes to get set up at their desk in a morning. Daily, we also observe how people will grab an armful of stuff, coffee in hand and struggle along to their next meeting or work area!

We developed HB-two to offer new, agile, ways of working where you can take your essentials with you, wherever you choose to work. We also believe for those users who reside in permanent positions, HB-two can be their new top drawer.


Choose the interior storage to suit your needs and finish off with a fabric cover of your choice. Carry your notebook, tablet, files and stationery in style!

HB-two can be used as a temporary space divider, and using the phone clip accessory, you can prop a tablet device up and work (or play) in relative privacy.


The phone/tablet clip can be used to prop your device up whilst you work. It also provides clear visibility of your device so you can see any notifications or calls whilst on silent.

You can easily clip on the shoulder strap for when you need to keep your hands free when moving from location to location.

The stacking stationery cups can be used to keep stationery in a fixed place while inside a HB-two, and wherever you need when you take them out.

You can make a real statement with a customized branded bib via our embroidery facility.


Click the link below to view the HB-two worksheet.


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