• Flow is a portable, foldable, fun way to divide space, provide a customizable backdrop, and create a communal ideas area away from workstations.

  • Share ideas and build commonality with Flow. The Jewel caster ensures it easily adapts to work with people and the space they inhabit.


Flow seamlessly folds down into a super-narrow profile ready to be worked on as a single unit or stored neatly away.

Easily create a private working area with Flow. The soft surface option helps with acoustics and also acts as a board for you to pin images and notes to.

Get inspired with customizable magnetic art panels that can be applied to Flow to create a fun and pleasing or challenging environment.

Peelable magnetic artwork can easily be replaced with fresh artwork, photography and branding.

The Jewel caster ensures total stability when locked, and total fluidity when Flow is in transit from location to location.


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