Tall Tables

Why tall tables from Muzo?

Workplace wellness is much more than an optional office “perk.” It is a strategic imperative for companies looking to attract and retain top talent. One way that companies can boost performance is by offering active meeting or touch down space alternatives.

Tall Versatilis tables, scattered around an open plan office. encourage people to get up from their workstation and spend time working in an upright position. They work great for spontaneous meetings and collaborative spaces.

The cool thing is they look great and become a magnet for bringing people together. Muzo offers Tall Tables at the size you require, the options are limitless due to the unique frame design. We also provide portability via our unique Jewel caster technology and if you want to cluster several tables the caster has 2 inches of leveling, so perfection is always attainable.

Tall Kite still folds like Kite, allowing you to optimize the use of space, whether it be in a small room or a large office. The unique folding mechanism means it only takes one person to clear away the tables.
The tables still easily nest away, allowing you the opportunity for a multi-dimensional space.

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