Mobile collection

Furniture that moves, re-configures, meets the needs of the moment, yet is as rigid as fixed furniture! Now wouldn't that be a great idea?


A caster that behaves like a foot. Engage the brake on the Jewel caster and the axis point instantly becomes rigid (no swivel) and the wheels lock. Add 2 inches of leveling, an easy brake from the top release design, plus a cool aesthetic and you have the Jewel. So yes we design & manufacture mobile furniture, all of it including designing from the bottom up!

The importance of caster continuity and familiarity?
There have been many occasions when we have met with clients who have had numerous different caster issues. No mobile furniture continuity in the building and a nightmare for a facilities manager when they struggle to identify the type of caster and manufacturer.

Jewel is a reliable asset that supports all of our Mobile collection and comes with a lifetime warranty.


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