Meet and train

How important are your meeting and training facilities? Ask yourself some basic questions. Are my meeting rooms fully occupied? Can my colleagues always communicate orally and visually? Does equality reign? Do we convey a great brand message? If the answer is no to any of the above it is time for a meeting and training re-think!

Muzo pioneered unique, high performance, furnishing tools that align with their surroundings to best support all types of meetings or training. These unique designs enabled users to tailor an area in the moment, to suit their needs and to support interactions, for all, during meetings, learning or presentation scenarios.

We then further developed portable, standing height, work surfaces, fixed or folding, providing choices for varied postures while working and great, healthy, settings for “get it done” impromptu or break out meetings.

Recognizing that your communication visuals, art, displays and or Way finding messages need to pop, Muzo introduced wall mounted, visual magnetic, brand communication/display tools such as the Riveli Pivot Shelf (winner of the 2015 Architizer Award)

Observing delays and stress when essential devices run out of juice, our designers established that power sources should  always be visible and accessible in all areas and fast charge all devices, hence the Powerball was born.

Ultimately at Muzo we push boundaries and challenge the average. We believe a great office, of today, is a place that inspires and enables all people to do their very best work in a stress free environment. Your office is the lens of your organization and communicates who you are to your most valuable assets, your employees and in turn, via those employees, to your customers.


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