Create flexible learning spaces to enhance concentration, communication and collaboration in modern education settings with Muzo products.

Traditional classroom design has been found to engage only 12% of students. We all learn differently, but conventional teaching models treat all students the same.
To increase student engagement, teaching methods have evolved — and in turn, so has the learning environment.

Successful modern learning environments are adopting a collaborative approach that starts with the student.

At Muzo, we listened to the needs of teachers, students, and parents to design our collection of education products. There is no “one size fits all” model of classroom design when it comes to collaborative styles of learning. That’s why Muzo products are designed to move easily, to quickly and efficiently adapt to the different needs of modern learning spaces.

A student-centered, collaborative learning environment dramatically increases student engagement. This helps students develop a deeper level of thinking beyond recalling facts and memorizing figures. Dynamic environments improve communication, and allow students to present and defend ideas, listen more effectively, and learn problem-solving skills — all of which help boost confidence and critical thinking skills outside the classroom.

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