Muzo have invested in creating a series of unique, inclusive designed, way of work, solutions that help you solve the acoustic disruption puzzle within open plan offices.

The Muzo design and management team have considerable hands on experience of the management of sound in both a live music and recording studio context. We have a true understanding of how sound travels and the materials needed to make acoustics work great for you and not against you. We think about the impact on you and your customer of distracting background noise when you are making that all important phone call!

Our game changing WOW (Way of Work) program of sound impact solutions include:

Waltzer – portable, acoustical engineered, cove style seats & work surface, privacy dens, which are easily re-configured.

Cabana – wow pods and telephone/private conversation studios, which can be specified with acoustic ceilings, fabric clad, quilted acoustic panels & single or double glazing.

HB-two – portable storage which is equipped with quilted acoustic softening fabric bibs and the phone clip (an option that allows users to keep hand held gadgets in view, permitting users to turn down ring tone volumes)

A key element, of Muzo acoustical design thinking, is ensuring all products can be specified without creating exclusion or “stop signs” for wheelchair users.

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