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Muzo & friends design for employee wellbeing

Andrew Buttle Muzo

Andrew Thursday 28th January 2016

I recently invited Nate Stevens, from Focal Upright Furniture to join a Muzo team “jam session” at our Chicago Showroom. I was  introduced to Nate by an A&D client who recognized the wonderful, connected work place solutions/possibilities that could come from our two companies simply talking and exchanging knowledge.

Nate is an advocate for employee wellbeing and supports organizations that want to provide alternatives to traditional sitting.  Focal Upright is a US based furniture manufacture that focus 100% of its efforts on creating upright, active task furniture.  Founded by, Martin Keen, founder of KEEN footwear, Focal has quickly become a leader in this area.

We found synergy in pairing the Focal Mobis seat with our Muzo Portable Tall-Kite Folding Tables and  Muzo Tall Custom Verstatilis tables. It’s an ideal combination. The Mobis is designed to work as a perching seat, pivoting and flexing to respond and support every move. Height adjustable from 25″ to 35″, the Mobis leg flexes in all directions, which allows your body to find its perfect balance.  The Tall-Kite table is a tool for highly engaged meetings that happen faster with less downtime. This relationship takes both designs to another level.

When you sit on the Mobis your body intuitively finds a relaxed, upright posture that keeps your major muscles engaged and your mind active.  As your body shifts, so does the Mobis. Your body can be as active or still as the work at hand demands.

We’re confident that the tall Kite + Mobis will quickly become a favorite place for meetings and individual work.  Mobis also works great as a presenters perch alongside our Riveli Pivot shelf and magnetic visuals system. If you’re interested in taking a step in the Upright direction, stop by the Muzo Chicago showroom or contact me to learn more.


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