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Music in the office? The Muzo culture

Andrew Buttle Muzo

Andrew Thursday 28th January 2016

There will always be a debate about music in the office. Here at Muzo we live for our music. We have a company band , recording studio and venue. We named our company Muzo and we now even have our own brand of record players! So you could say we are music nuts!! Oh by the way we design and manufacture great furniture and new ideas for a better workplace.

Re the benefits of music to our office furnishing business… all i can say is for us music in the office works. It brings atmosphere, fun, joy, debate and stimulates creativity in our working environment. We call creative meetings “Jam sessions” we throw out the ideas whilst sat around our Kite tables and with great music in our ears we feel a buzz.

muzo vinyl

Vinyl has always inspired me. I love touching the sleeves and absorbing the artwork and i am so glad to see Vinyl is making a big come back. We now encourage our customers to absorb the benefits of some cool vinyl in their offices. If you want to retain talent, attract talent and encourage creativity it can work great.

We have vinyl clubs here in our Chicago showroom and you can bring your vinyl  and hangout and exchange vinyl with other music lovers… talk sleeve design, art and of course why you love your favorite band + enjoy a drink at our bar! We also have open mic nights where customers can come and jam with our band.. all great fun.


So who are we listening to at Muzo? On the turntable this week was our mates from Embrace (we are looking forward to the Embrace Secret festival in September) The boys called into our showroom last month and Nathan (our graphic designer designed their album cover, proudly displayed on our Riveli shelf on the below image)

Embrace Riveli

Ok so who is your favorite band and why?