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The importance of a great caster

Andrew Buttle Muzo

Andrew Thursday 28th January 2016

For the Workplace that now demands multi-functional furniture, flexible space and rapid re-configuration MUZO believes the caster should be a point of focus and not an after thought.

Caster colours

Casters can be the cause of furniture grave yards, if and when they fail or the brake snaps clean off! Rarely do they have leveling  so unless tables are ganged the client suffers with wobbly table syndrome. Change of direction? Well just like the dreaded supermarket trolley (that has a mind of its own) poor quality  casters create a lousy user experience. We also ask why the majority have to have a brake that you release from the underside rather than a release from the top? damaged shoes anyone???

Ok back to the dreaded ganging device… time consuming? awkward?? Well MUZO came up with the alternative!! A caster that behaves like a foot. Engage the brake on the MUZO Jewel castor and the axis point instantly becomes rigid (no swivel) and the wheels lock. Add 2 inches of leveling, an easy brake from the top release from the top design, plus a cool aesthetic and you have the Jewel. So yes we  design & manufacture office furniture, all of it including designing from the bottom up.

Jewel caster Kite tables

Their have been occasions when i have met with clients who have had numerous different casters in the same room. No continuity and a nightmare for a facilities manager when they struggle to identify the manufacturer.

Jewel is a reliable asset that supports all our MUZO portable furniture lines including: Kite Folding Tables, Waltzer Mobile Sofas/Acoustical Work dens. Modia Media TV units and our Versatilis portable custom tables at virtually any shape. It also sits at the base of our Tall Folding or Fixed frame Tables. If you are interested in portability and our unique IP message me. We offer a lifetime warranty on our caster and a one room one solution connected product line.