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Andrew Buttle Muzo

Andrew Thursday 28th January 2016

LinkedIn is great but i do get a bit grumpy when people request to link to me and then send a picture of a desk, made in China, that is a copy of something designed 20 years ago.

The world of work needs disruptive designers, risk takers, people who are fearless and who embrace change. That,s what we believe at Muzo. So if i receive a picture of something generic that is sold as a commodity, just to make money, i am totally not interested.

So on LinkedIn lets try to inspire the next generation of designers and engineers and give them the freedom to invent. Invention is risky and bean counters will still prefer you to produce the generic desk, but invention can change everything!!

The internet is great but their is so much clutter to break through to introduce a new design but the spirit of design and invention will always create incredible stories. Once such story is my friend & Muzo colleague Mark Kinsley.

Mark Kinsley Muzo

For 3 years Mark worked on his Riveli Pivot Shelf with the idea of making wall space useful in the office, retail & at home. He pitched his ideas to bank managers, office furniture manufacturing companies & investors but nobody could see a quick return. Many would have given up early but Mark is fearless, he is one of those guys who will change the world no matter how many prototypes he has to build, or if it means selling the shirt off his back to do it.

When i meet someone like Mark it takes me back to my music career and i get that immediate  buzz out of working with someone creative, who has done all that tough stuff and felt the pain of rejection, but bounced back.

Mark shares my passion for design and creating something that solves a problem. In this case Riveli makes a wall space work harder  with a pivot shelf that has stunning visual magnetics options.  Need a surface just pivot the shelf and place your item for display or  a laptop or tablet for an impromptu presentation. You can use it anywhere including meeting rooms, corridors, lobbies, retail settings etc. When its not a shelf its your brand message, scribble surface and your Wow factor, via the visual magnetics!

Riveli-00010 Riveli_Art_detail

We can now work anywhere, so we need new ideas to make that freedom truly a reality. So let,s get creative! We don,t need another desk, new pedestal (or as i call them expensive garbage dumpsters) or yet another chair. Their are thousands of good ones. Muzo believes we need visible power, portable personal storage, portable work surfaces, acoustic work dens and multi-functional products.

Do you have a cool well researched idea? great because the good news is with Cad and tools like 3D printing it could become a reality. Just be determined to see your idea through, be a disrupter, take inspiration from guys like Mark, winner of this years Architizer New product design award with his patented Riveli design manufactured by Muzo & installed and admired all around the world.

Blog riveli award

If you are interested in our disruptive design approach follow the Muzo LinkedIn page or if you would like information email me at